How to pinpoint stress relief (and more)

Generally speaking, if I can’t understand something, it’s hard for me to recommend it. 

Especially if it involves needles, like acupuncture. 

But I will admit, the science – and real-world experience from users – suggests that manipulating parts of your body can bring actual relief and healing in other parts.  

Sometimes clear on the other side of your body.

Which is why acupressure is so intriguing. It uses some of the same principles of acupuncture. But thankfully, it leaves the needles out of it. 

Simply put, the premise of both acupuncture and acupressure is that there are pathways in your body that transport energy. This “network” sends signals back and forth. 

When you loosen one up, through massage or pressure, it brings balance to your body.

The major systems of your body – your heart, lungs, spleen, kidneys, liver, and more – have pressure points that help govern their health. Apply pressure there, and you speed healing energy to the region.

Now I don’t know for sure if this works. But I do know that massage feels great. 

Not just where healing hands are applied, but throughout my body. After a massage, I experience significant stress relief, relaxation, and a feeling of “lightness” that’s hard to replicate in other ways. 

I’m admittedly a little old school when it comes to this though. 

Typically, if I have a headache, I go right to the source and massage my temples. I’m not looking for a place on my hand or foot to start rubbing. 

So when you use something like the Eye Spa on your face, it makes more sense to me. Because it can bring direct relaxation and reduced pressure for sore eyes, clogged sinuses, and stress-induced headaches. 

It’s delivering warm massage right at the problem areas. Straight to the source.

Still, maybe I’m being too hasty. I do have friends that have used acupressure and/or acupuncture for back pain, digestive issues and even allergies. 

So I’ll throw it out to you. 

Do you have any experience with these ancient healing techniques? Did they work for you? Would you recommend them? 

Hit me up with a reply and let me know!

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Sherry Loseke - March 8, 2022

I am new to accupressure, but getting good results. I see posts on Instagram by a Dr. Laurel. Follow what she says and have noticed pain and stiffness relief within minutes. I see that she often has where to massage and the spots on the body that control a specific organ or muscles. I think I would like a chart and directions in print so I can refer to each as needed.

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