Keep Your Defenses Up With These Heart Healthy Foods

As we get closer to flu season, there's been a lot of talk about the similarities between the flu and COVID-19.

After all, both carry similar symptoms: fever/chills, cough, fatigue, shortness of breath, sore throat, and a host of others.

But there's one similarity I don't hear much about in the media – the toll both viruses take on your heart.

Last week, I talked about getting your immune defenses ready ahead of the start of flu season.

But to be truly prepared for the invaders, you want to make sure your heart is pumping strong, as well.

The good news is the health of your heart lies in your own hands.


Because keeping your heart healthy starts with the foods you reach for each day.

It's not complicated.

Load up on more fruits and vegetables.

They're nutritional powerhouses for your heart, packed with antioxidants that protect against those radicals that can damage your arteries.

And, they're often loaded with fiber that helps control blood pressure.

The recommendation is five to ten servings of fruit and vegetables a day. Which may seem like a lot. But not so difficult if you get creative.

Try adding vegetables to your eggs for breakfast.

Or, make a big pot of chicken soup and throw in some carrots, celery and other veggies from the fridge.

Experiment with new greens for salads or eat frozen blueberries for snacks.

Really, the possibilities are endless.

If you're a chocolate lover, you'll be happy to know that dark chocolate is another great food for your heart.

You see, dark chocolate is rich in phenols and flavonoids, which maintain normal blood pressure levels and keep your arteries healthy.

Keep in mind that chocolate is high in calories, so limiting your consumption to about a half ounce to an ounce a day is best.

Look for a variety with a high cacao content (at least 70%).

The higher the cacao content, the higher percentage of antioxidants per serving.

Most folks know that fish that are high in omega-3 essential fatty acids (EFAs) are one of the best heart-healthy foods.

Omega-3s can help support cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and promote healthy blood pressure.

Salmon, sardines, anchovies, mackerel and tuna are highest in omega-3s, but if you're not a fish fan, you can still get omega-3s from other sources.

Like nuts.

Nuts not only contain omega-3s, they're also chock full of heart-supporting nutrients like vitamin E, magnesium, fiber, and phytosterols.

Plus, they're low in saturated fat and contain heart-healthy monounsaturated fat.

Another tasty source of monounsaturated fat? Avocados.

Eating avocados has been linked to healthy cholesterol levels.

Plus, they're loaded with potassium – a key mineral that supports blood pressure.

With the convergence of the flu and COVID-19 weeks, if not days away, I know I'm going to be doing all I can to keep my defenses up.

That includes getting quality sleep each night and regular exercise during the day.

And, incorporating some of these heart-healthy foods each day.

Stay safe out there.

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F. Carol Hoebing - September 4, 2020

I am on a Heart Healthy diet. I order from Pritikin Foods. i add no additiional salt to my food, and mainly eat fruits and vegetables, fish, game meat and grilled chicken. I use seasonings to help the flavor of no salt added. Turmeric is very good as is coriander, and I have a blend that Pritikin sells. Use onions,legumes,wheat products no white flour. Pritikin even makes a wheat pizza crust and wonderful soups. Very limited beef. No bacon,eggs or pork I do wish you didn;t send me so many text and e-mails about the foods that last 25 years in case of emergency.. I am only one person and 75 yrs old. there is no one else who lives with me. I know where to order if I need more.. By the way I love your flashlights and the solar charger. That is the kind of things i am interested in and i bought 2 of your water filters, sending one to my daughter.

Eulon (Lon) Purvis - September 3, 2020

I have studied alternative healing since 1969 and agree with all you write. I also do as a hobby something I call EFP ( electrically focused prayer). I treat everything at a distance and it takes me about two minutes to treat medical, mental, emotional, allergies etc. I use muscle testing to determine what is wrong. I treat covid 19 and the common denominator I find in all covid patients is an allergy to the Australian wild fires which came through in December and January. I have found no one (out of hundreds checked) who dont have that allergy to the wildfires who have gotten covid 19. I had a list of about 300 friends and family I checked in March when the Lord showed me showed me this common denominator. A few had the allergy to the wildfires; I treated them, and no one on the list has gotten covid 19. If you want a one page description of what I do please email me. It is just a hobby (no cost) and I treat folks about three hours a day. No one I treated for covid has died. Many testing positive only have the flu. It is a very poor test. I know it sounds weird but I just use the electrical and frequency system God made at creation to test and treat. God is always the healer.

Mary Taylor - September 3, 2020

I enjoyed both of your recent post , one on what our body need to stay healthy, stop the inflammation in our body, eating plenty of fruits , vegetables, and how to stay cool in the hottest days. Thank you so much as I was made aware of what I need more of & warning signs of getting over heated. God’s blessings to all of you.

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