Lights On... Even in a Blackout?

Imagine this…

The big storm rolls in. 

The wind picks up. 

And your neighbor's trampoline takes off. 

(I've seen this happen in real life.)

And then — like something out of a movie — ZAP!

Lights go out.  

Living in Florida, I've been in a storm or 2. And I've been without electricity plenty of times. But it only takes one time to realize how inconvenient and dangerous it could be. So let me share with you my favorite ways to light up your house… even in a dangerous blackout.


When lights go out, the first thing we think of getting is a flashlight. Most flashlights are battery-powered. But the bulb they use will vary from one make and model to another. They are handy for walking around the house during a power blackout. 

However, they're not gonna last forever. Unless you have a drawer full of batteries. But even then… at some point you're going to run out of juice. 

Solar Powered LED Lamps

These are LED lamps that source their energy from sunlight, which is stored in batteries for specifically powering the lamps. Although their main purpose is to provide light, some of these lamps have ports that you can use to charge your phone.

One of my favorite LED lamps is the SoLantern.

The SoLantern can last up to 12 hours when fully charged. And in its highest mode it comes in at 800 lumens bright. The average flashlight is only 100 lumens bright.  

Also, one of the main advantages of solar-powered LED lamps is they do not require maintenance once you purchase them. Yes!

Battery Lanterns

Battery-operated hand lanterns are considered to be the safest type of hand lanterns. For starters, they do not use any type of fuel. This means they cannot be a fire hazard should they be dropped accidentally. And they can offer good light. 

But… you need batteries.


Candles are an option for an emergency source of light. It is an ancient source of light, and although they are used on different occasions including weddings, birthdays, and so on, they can be used as lighting backup too. 

Some people find candles to be the preferable method for lighting a house during a power outage. They're very cheap, convenient, and easy to store. 

But, you have to be careful with them. Some are full of dangerous toxins. And… the open flame + smoke are potential hazards. 

Kerosene Lanterns or Lamps

Apart from candles, Kerosene lamps are another traditional lighting method that was used by people in the past, before the advent of electricity. Kerosene lamps have one major problem, they tend to give off a stinky smell. Not to mention they have serious health implications.

However, if you live in a remote area like a cabin in the woods, a kerosene lamp may be the only option you have. Just be careful when you use a kerosene lamp.

Also don't use these lamps in houses with small children. And, they can be a fire risk. Accidentally knocking down a kerosene lamp can lead to a serious fire. Plus, the glass cover usually gets hot. Children might get burnt if they touch it. Make sure you take all necessary precautions if you're using kerosene lamps.

Again — for me — this is an option. But it should be your last resort. It's my least favorite. 

Well, there you go. I found these examples online and many of them I've used for years. Recently though, I'm pretty smitten with my solar LED light. It's hard to beat the power & price. And safety too!

Stay safe out there.

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