Massage Your Feet

Massages are great. There's no doubt. Studies have shown that massage can help provide you with both physical and emotional relaxation.

But massages can be pricey. When most folks think of getting a massage they think of a fancy spa and an expensive bill.

But I'm happy to report, you don't need either of those things. You can get the benefits of a great massage all by yourself.

It's called "self-massage." (Not a very creative name, but that's not my job). And it's a simple way for you to give yourself a massage at home.

And reap all the health benefits too.

So now that you know the WHY. You need to know the WHERE. 

So where is the best place to massage? I recommend starting with your feet. 
Yup. Your feet have a ton of nerves in them. And those nerves influence your body from head to… well… toe. So giving your feet a good massage can really help you relax. And help purge unhealthy stress from your system.

Let me walk you through how easy giving yourself a foot massage can be:

Step 1: Warm-up
Before you start with the massage, find a good sitting or lying position. Make sure it allows you to relax and get close to your feet. And start to warm up – just like before you exercise. To do this, take some massage gel or oil, and grab a foot and start wringing it out like a towel. Then slowly start to feel your way over your ankle, from the sole of your foot to the instep.

Step 2: Kneading
Now use your knuckles to gently knead the bridge of the foot from top to bottom, and along the inner sides. These areas tend to get tired if you walk a lot. Then use your index finger to make small circular movements in the middle of the sole of your foot and continue kneading on the outside with your knuckles from top to bottom.

Step 3: Stretching
Next, use your thumbs on the sole of your foot to pull the foot slightly wider, going outwards from the center & moving from top to bottom. This stretches the smaller muscles in your feet. Then stretch the toes inwards or outwards too, gripping them with our hands and stretching them. You can also loosen the feet a little by moving them gently back and forth and making circular movements.

Step 4: Experiment
Once you're done, you can either continue kneading or gently working the inside or outside of the foot using your knuckles. Find what works for you.

Easy, right? Well, what if I told you it can be even easier? Like, you do nothing… at all.

Because you can. I know of a great little gadget that can give you a heated-compression massage… without even leaving the couch. I'm talking about getting deep relaxation while watching your favorite show or movie.

You've got to check it out. It's called the SpaPro Rejuvenating At-Home Foot Massager. It will deliver you targeted bliss with just the push of a button.
Here's to kicking your feet up (into the SpaPro) and relaxing.

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