Never Forget.


That's the number of folks that they think were exposed to toxic contaminants & traumatic physical or emotional injuries during 9/11.

And unfortunately, I think it's not something we remember when we think of 9/11. But the fallout from that tragic day was very wide.

Multiple types of toxic exposures were encountered by first responders, clean-up crews and the citizens of the area around the towers. 

Symptoms include things like chronic cough, shortness of breath, sinus congestion, certain cancers, stress-related disorders, and depression among many others.

Luckily… 72,000 responders & survivors receive care from the WTC Health Program.

However, I think more can be done. And should be. These folks endured 1 of the saddest days in our history.

So if you're interested in giving back… I suggest you look up the FDNY Foundation and Wounded Warrior Project… both are invested in giving back to those affected by that terrible day.

You can also look up the 9/11 Memorial Museum. They're doing an amazing job to make sure that younger generations learn about this tragic event… and never forget either.

So if you can help… I know it would be greatly appreciated.

Here's to America. And here's to you. Be safe out there. 
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Ismail S. Lopez - September 12, 2022

Thank u Jeff u have a lovely compassionate heart like me, yess i’ know Donna summer was one of the victims who died from the fall out as I’m became aware she was so beautiful she was my disco lady i’ am her biggest fan even that she’s gone forever, God bless your heart Jeff…

Leland Roth - September 11, 2022

Of course, Jeff probably won’t post these unusual videos on 911, but then Jeff probably is unaware of the video confiscation by certain ‘authorities’ of ALL parking ramps, gas stations, & whatnots around WTC IMMEDIATELY after 9/11🔥

WTC Tower explodes without a plane. Video from a passing car..…html

Another 911 no plane one😅

Found my 6 seconds 911 video 🛩✈️

Still a HUGE Patriot Health Alliance fan….


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