No plan is the plan



That's the plan for today.


Now it may seem strange to plan to do absolutely nothing at all. I mean, who needs a plan for that?


But if you're anything like me, sometimes it feels like all your idle time needs to be filled. Work, family, responsibilities.


Errands. Bills. Housework.


It's go, go, go. All the time.


But today, I'm taking a rest day. Today the plan is… well, there is no plan.


And that's my plan.


I like structure as much as the next guy. I'm organized, it helps me stay on top of things, and it keeps me busy. 


Idle hands are the devil's playground or something like that.


And I like to work. Work gives me pleasure, a feeling of accomplishment, and it helps me reach my goals of self-sufficiency. I feel like a contributor.


But all too often, we get tangled up in a web - a tightening one at that - that connects work with our identity.


You're more than your work or your accomplishments. Sometimes, you have to just... be.


Just as exercise is important to your body, so is rest. If you happen to lift weights, you don't work the same group of muscles every day, day after day. You need rest to recover and rebuild.


Of course, there's nothing worth praising about leaving all the work to others. Or pretending that you can skate along by doing nothing, all the time.


But there's nothing overly moral about busyness for the sake of busyness either.


The way I see it, if you get your time to decompress, you're a better worker for it later.


You're healthier.


More productive.


And ultimately more free in the end.


We all want that. We need it.


Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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Russ Poerner - September 21, 2021

Even though retired from the medical field 8 years ago, I can’t shut off my innate program to help people achieve their maximal holistic health. Now it time to work on and heal myself! If you do that you can better serve others. Great company with the right mission that guarantees success!!!

Mike - September 20, 2021

Hi Jeff,
Great message, and practice to adopt. A wise father once told his children to do the same, rest on the Sabbbath. It feels right because our heavenly father passed on that command to his children, and who knows what we require better than he does?

Thanks for the reminder. Have a blessed day and thanks for all you do through your business.

Deborah Harrison - September 20, 2021

I totally agree with your needing a day to do absolutely nothing. As a matter of fact, I am having a ’do nothing day as well today. Your suggestion of a day of rest reminded me of an old saying I used to hear many many years ago as a kid…“All work & no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Enjoy your day.

Norman - September 19, 2021

Good choice of words. Enjoy the REST of your weekend.

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