Our "lazy” BP fix

Sundays are my lazy days. So it seems like a good time to share this little tip.

And in most cases, this trick involves going to a club or gym. But there are at-home options too. 

Let me get to the point…

Before I built out my home gym, I used to go to one locally. And when I did,  it wasn’t to shoot the bull.

I liked to go in, get my workout in, and get on with my day. 

But I get it. Going to the gym is a social experience. 

So if meeting with friends or catching up on the latest gossip is enough to get you there… whatever works. 

Even at home, I like certain cardio workouts, but I like to vary it up. Sometimes a rower, sometimes a treadmill (though I do most of my running outside). 

But I always spend a fair amount of time on weights. 

The one place I used to skip right past was the sauna. You know, the “hot house” room filled with half-naked men in towels. 

I didn’t see the point. If I want to sweat, I could get my heart rate up and feel like I was actually “doing” something. 

And I didn’t have to perch on a bench with a bunch of other stinky dudes in the process.

Frankly, I thought it was a lazy excuse for a visit to the gym. 

Boy, was I wrong. 

Turns out, not only is using a sauna relaxing, I read a study recently that found that it could drop a man’s risk of BP concerns by almost half.

Compared to men who didn’t use a sauna or only did it once per week, 2-3 sessions dropped their risk by 24%. 

If you use a sauna 4 times a week or more, that risk dropped by 46%. 

By just sitting there. In a towel.


By increasing your body temperature, your blood vessels have a chance to dilate. This in turn increases blood flow. It’s like a workout for your vessels. 

So, ok – maybe these sauna guys are on to something. 

It’s not often you can get a great benefit like lower BP, without even getting up off your behind…

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Terry B Lindeman - October 18, 2021

I truly enjoy your "Sunday " comments. This one hit home. I used to be a regular “sweat lodge” attendee, but I can’t afford it any more. Your celery tip is right on. I still am able to donate platelets on a regular basis (even though I am 76 years young) and will be consuming more celery on a daily basis. Again, thank you for your commitment to our regular health.
Terry B. Lindeman

Donna Bantel - October 18, 2021

Thanks for the tip about celery. I like celery! I’ve never gotten into the smoothie habit, but I may try.

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