Somebody needs a nap

That was the consensus when the neighbors came over recently with their 6-month old grandchild. 

It was all fun and games for a while. And then you could see his mood going from bubbly to indifferent to downright crotchety.

But we’re all parenting veterans. And we sprang into action.

Karen prepped the guest room to lay this baby down for a bit, and we continued our visit.

Crisis averted.

But as it turns out, maybe that dark back room wasn’t the best place to sleep, if we wanted “Junior” to have a deeper, longer rest.

Maybe we should have set up a place… outside.

This seems awfully weird to us Americans, but kids sleeping outside is so common in Finland, sidewalks and parks are often the scene of dozens of strollers lined up for a sleep-fest.

And Finnish researchers concluded that outdoor naps last 34 minutes longer than the indoor variety. 

Why? Because parents lay the kid down and get out of the way.

Dozing in the fresh air, after self-soothing and getting themselves to sleep independently, resulted in not just more well-rested kids, but healthier ones too.

They’re in better moods, they learn more quickly, and they eat better. 

And this in turn helps improve the mood and health of someone else: the parents.

Longer naps make it easier to find some time for yourself, and get things done.

I don’t have to worry about naptime for kids too much anymore. But this study might point me to an investment for myself.

A hammock.

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Alane - August 24, 2021

Sleeping outdoors is wonderful (when the mosquitos aren’t biting😀) and hammocks provide a clean, comfy surface with a rocking motion. Super combo! If baby doesn’t need the rocking and you have a comfy natural fiber blanket to lay her on, consider using a grassy or sandy spot that has not been sprayed with pesticide. Baby will get the added benefits of grounding which helps her body’s own energy field balance and thus support improved health.

Pauline Barton - August 23, 2021

I am writing to comment on your product, Activ-Ox. I have been taking it for a couple of months now, using monitoring strips once a month to assess improvement. Today, my test revealed me to be in optimal range!! 🙌🙌. I’ve also been monitoring my blood pressure, as hypertension was the main reason I wanted to try this product. I am happy to report that my blood pressure also is improving!!

I use so many of your products and have not been disappointed in any of them. Patriot Power Greens and Patriot Gold are awesome!!!

I praise God for you and the work of your hands. May He continue to bless you. Thank you for all that you do for our military as well. 🙌🙏🙏🙏

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