Sunday Thoughts (live longer?)

I say it all the time

But the more I read, the more studies I sift through, the more I need to tell you:

You. Have. To. Move. Your. Body.

Exercise is the greatest gift you can give yourself. If it were a drug, it would be the most profitable, most prescribed, most advertised drug in the history of the universe.

You wouldn’t be able to avoid a commercial for it. 

But it isn’t a drug. It’s all natural. It’s available to you for free, as close as a walk around the block. 

And the more I study the benefits of exercise, the more motivated I am to stick with it. (And bug you about it, as it turns out.)

Because by now, we all know that exercise can reduce stress, keep you slimmer, build endurance and increase energy. 

We probably understand that with regular exercise, we’ll have a healthier heart, and more regular sleep.

But did you know that exercise wakes up your brain, and makes you a better learner? Even a single workout before an important meeting or class will help you retain information much better.

Exercise also increases “neuroplasticity.” Which is a fancy way of saying it makes your brain more flexible, and more able to form new memories and learn new skills. 
And this is critical. It reduces your risk of dementia by 32% -- even among people with high risk genes. 

I don’t know about you, but that’s a motivator for me. I’ve seen the impact of dementia up close. And it is devastating. 

What about your eyes? Don’t you want to nourish and protect them? Of course you do. 

Exercise can slow or even prevent macular degeneration. Ok, sign me up.

And get this: regular exercise will increase your body’s “T” cells, a powerful immune system weapon against disease. 

The bottom line is, if you move your body, you live longer. 

And I want you around for a good long time. 

Now get out there and take a walk, will ya?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


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