Sunday Thoughts (Convenience)

I don’t need to say it. The last few years have been tough.

I’ve said it before. 

You don’t need to hear me harp on that again.

Which got me thinking…

Was there anything good about the last few years?

Yes, there was.


What I mean by that is… if I had to go through a pandemic & lock-ins I would rather do it today than 100 years ago. 

I could get groceries delivered straight to my house. Have a telehealth visit with my doctor. And video chat with my grandkids.

Could you imagine what it was like in the 1900s?

You can pick apart our media outlets all you want (I won’t stop you). But at least I know what’s going on. I don’t have to walk to the corner store or talk to multiple people. Or hope that someone stops by and tells me what’s going on. 

Nope. Instead of all that… I just look down at my phone.

It really puts things in perspective.

Do we have problems? Of course. To me, America is like 1 big family. And every family has its issues. 

But I’m so grateful to be here. And I’m grateful to be here with you. And all of the other hard-working, intelligent folks that made these conveniences possible.

You all have made the last few years… really “not that bad” when you take a second to think about it. Here’s to you and us.

Have a blessed Sunday.

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Lyle Guoin - May 31, 2022

Enjoy the holiday. Thanks to all who made it possible.

Sharon k Foster - May 29, 2022

Dear Friend,
I thank you for your blessed thoughts.
You are so right on so many things and in so many ways.
I have had my Patriot Power Protein this morning as usual.
It is always worth it to do these things.
Have a blessed day.
Sharon Foster

Jala - May 29, 2022

Hey Jeff
The past few years HAVE been that bad
Having been on the planet for 71 years
I’d rather have what used to be than the
conveniences you mentioned.
Many people cannot afford iPhones

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