Sunday Thoughts (I never forget a gift for her)

Christmas is almost here, and my shopping is almost done.

But I have one last present to get.

Oh, who am I kidding? It’ll be more than one.

No, it’s not for Karen. I got hers long ago.

Nope. These are for my dog Ellie. 

Now, some people think that’s silly. Does Ellie really care if I get her some new toys? Do dogs even know if they get something new?

Sure, getting something special for your pet is as much about you as it is them. But isn’t that the case with everything you get for someone? 

They say it’s better to give than to receive. But do dogs really “get it” when they’re on the receiving end?

In case you were wondering (I was), researchers in Germany and the UK actually tested whether dogs love getting new “stuff.”

The researchers took 17 dogs (what fun!) and gave them each 2 toys. They let them play, and they made sure these were toys the dogs really enjoyed. 

Then they took them away (aw!). But not for long.

Later, these pups got a choice of 3 toys. Two were the previous toys, and the third was a new one. 

In nearly 40 out of 50 tests, the new toy was what the dog chose. So not only do dogs recognize something new and fun… they prefer it. 

And let’s face it, they deserve it! 

This year, if Karen thinks I went overboard with new toys and treats for Ellie, I can just point to the science and say “Hey, I’m a researcher.”

Of course, you can make old toys seem new again, by taking them away or rotating them. Or giving it a new scent, like rolling the toy around in a pile of leaves.

Maybe I should try that with Karen. Take one of her old purses and bury it in leaves and see if she likes it better.

Ok, I’m going to be in trouble for that one.

Happy last-minute shopping.

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Kathy Tullos - December 20, 2021

Yes, Jeff, I think you just might be in trouble for your Christmas idea but go ahead. Try burying an old purse in leaves, but don’t be surprised if your wife plays the same joke on you and tries burying you in leaves to see if she likes you better! LOL! Enjoy your holidays! Merry Christmas!

A reader who enjoys your humor!

LINDA FLORES - December 20, 2021

Sure enjoyed your story about Ellie and it is so true about our furbabies needing to be remembered during the Christmas season! They give so much to us! I also got a good laugh about the purse and I sure needed one!
I had to put down my sweet girl in June of this year and it seems like yesterday! I will always miss her and love her!


Jerry & Norma Reynolds - December 20, 2021

Hi Jeff, happy Sunday morning! Your thoughts and quips on your Sunday morning blog are always so interesting and fun. Being dog lovers ourselves, we really appreciate the note this week. We hope that you and your family and Ellie really enjoy the days ahead with friends and family. May the new year be a great one for us all!

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