Sunday Thoughts (metabolism)

How’s your Sunday going? 

I hope you’re relaxing.

Or maybe not?

You know, I had this thought the other day…

Maybe I shouldn’t relax on Sundays anymore? I mean, I feel like I’ve spent the last 2 years relaxing. Shouldn’t I be making up for “lost time” instead?

It sounds good in my head. But, by the end of the week… I don’t feel like doing anything. I’m exhausted!

Do you feel the same?

Well, I wanted to find out why I was feeling so“relaxed.” So I looked into it.

And what I found was pretty interesting. It all has to do with your metabolism.

I know that may seem like a hard thing to change. But let me tell you…

There are things you can do today that’ll help speed up your metabolism. This may be why you (and I) are feeling sluggish.

Here’s what I found:


For women, your thyroid gland may not be working properly. And for men, the natural drop in testosterone can slow down your metabolism. Also, make sure you're getting plenty of vitamin D. Most of us are not getting enough. Talk to your doctor if you think these may be your issues.

Sleep Problems

Ever gone multiple nights in a row with no sleep? Then you’ll fully understand this one.

Missing sleep, even just a little, can increase the hormone that tells us to eat. And a lack of sleep has been found to decrease the hormone that keeps our appetite in check. Basically, there’s no goalie protecting the goal. Not good.

Emotional States, Like Depression 

A heavy emotional state can weigh on you. And in some cases can stop you from having an appetite. Or get you so riled up, that you can’t sit still. Either way, it’s a drain on your body. If you want, I recommend talking to someone. It can really help get back on track.

Extreme Dieting & Skipping Meals 

My folks used to brag they didn’t have to eat until 3 pm. Not something to be proud of. Here’s why. When you don’t eat, your brain switches to starvation mode. And it tells your body to stop burning calories. So in order to keep functioning, your body starts to burn your lean muscle mass. Yikes!

Using Too Much Climate Control 

This one blew me away. Excuse the pun. But our bodies have to work to maintain our core temp. So when you rely on your HVAC to keep you comfortable all the time… your body doesn't have to do any work. And your metabolism stalls. It’s like keeping your car parked all winter… and then wondering why it won’t turn over in spring. So tell your A/C to “chill.”

Ok, I’ll go ahead and put my chalkboard up. Thanks for attending class. Remember, there’s a quiz next week. Just kidding. I hope this information helps you feel your best. You deserve it.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

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