Sunday Thoughts (vacation ban?)

Summer is here. Well, in a couple of days to be exact. I have to admit, in Florida it feels like summer most of the year. Summer here just means more sweat. But I've lived in cold climates. I will never forget how lucky I am to be here. Nothing against you northern folks, but I just can't do the cold.

The sun on my face is, to me, what life is all about. Now, in case you've been under a rock — and lately I wouldn't blame you — you know that prices are rising. Gas prices. Food prices. Car prices. Everything is going up. And at the same time, economists say we're heading towards a recession.

Is that true? I don't know. What I do know is money may be tight for some folks so summer vacations may be taking a back seat — yet again.

First, covid knocked out a couple of summers. Now, there are all these crazy prices. Well, here's what I say to that. You don't need to travel. Instead, take a stay-cation & stay home. 

"Jeff, we've been stuck inside those last few summers, remember!" You're probably yelling at your screen.

You're right! But the last thing I want for you is more stress. It's not good for your health. And with everything going on in the world — stress is the last thing you need, along with a hole in your wallet.

So here are some ways you can "vacation" at home without it feeling like you're home.


Take some time making your home feel like… not your home. Maybe you buy some fresh flowers. Or maybe you finally get that fancy coffee you've always wanted. Treat yourself. That's what vacation is all about.

Pick a theme 

My Dad always had a list. Every hour would be accounted for. And our family vacation felt more like a long errand run. If that's your style, no problem. But the point is everyone has a style. For example, I'm the opposite of my Dad. I do nothing on vacation. And I mean nothing. So pick your style and stick to it to make your staycation feel like a real vacation.


Now look, the goal here is to save — not spend $0. Feel free to give yourself a little wallet wiggle room so you can have some fun. Your money-saving is coming from not having to fly, drive, or book hotels. So try to find some local deals on things you wouldn't normally do like yoga, massages, or a saltwater float. You get the idea. 

Buy souvenirs

It's fun buying little mementos while traveling. So do the same while you stay-cation. Visit local, family-owned shops and pick a little something up. You'll get a little treat and you'll be supporting your community. Win-win.

Protect your time

Got to admit, this 1 is my favorite. It's simple, tell folks you're going on a vacation NOT a stay-cation. Because if coworkers & friends know you're at home… they're going to bug you. And they wouldn't do that if you were on an island somewhere. So don't let them do it if you stay-cation either.

See, it's easier than you think to turn your home into a "travel destination." And your wallet won't even blink. Plus, you'll get all the rest & relaxation your body needs.


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Muriel Oberle - June 21, 2022

Sta-vaction is the best idea I have heard for the time’s we live in, thanks.

Brenda Griner - June 19, 2022

Hello Jeff,
Happy Father’s Day!!!! I enjoy my
staycation so much now!!! When I was
younger my family took us on real vacations
with my brothers and I’d rather been home because it was always hectic!!!! No schedule,
cook in the wee hours of my days, and live. my
life to the fullest with my hubby and kitty cat!!!
Enjoy your day and thanks!!!

Chris M Atlakson - June 19, 2022

In 2011 gas prices were over $3. First time I heard of staycation. I owned an RV Park a few miles north of St Joseph Mo. I was interviewed by the local TV station about staycation and the price of gas and the effects. Locals didn’t have to travel ver far to camp out. The best way to get away on a budget. The cost per gallon had little effect on the sale of RVs or my business. Away from home and the tv can have a major impact, physically, emotionally, and physiologically

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