Sunday Thoughts (work)

“That’s why it’s called ‘work’.”

I’m not sure what menial chore I was complaining about, but my dad dropped this little bit of wisdom on me once. 

I probably was grousing about mowing the lawn or something. 

Now, I don’t mean to diminish the value of hard work. It’s cliché to say it “builds character.”

But I believe it does.

Still, if your Sunday is filled with dread because Monday is coming and you can’t bear the thought of going to work tomorrow, it’s time to take stock.

I’ve had some crummy jobs over the years. And some great ones too. 

I think if it weren’t for the lousy ones, I might not appreciate how terrific the good ones were.

Leaving a job is never easy. And I certainly don’t recommend just up and quitting without a backup plan, unless your safety is at risk. Even if you have savings.

Not in this economy.

Because jumping from the frying pan into the fire of unemployment is something you shouldn’t do on purpose.

But you should know the signs when it’s time to start looking. 

To me, if your job is putting your health in danger – through depression, insomnia, headaches, frequent illness – you need a plan. No paycheck is worth sacrificing your health.

This is also true about your relationships. If you’re coming home miserable, or agonizing about going back, it can be a marriage killer. Don’t let this happen to you.

Not every job is a good fit. Even good companies may not be right for you. If you can’t muster some passion for what you’re doing – even if you like your boss, the mission and your co-workers – this is not a good sign.

The decision to leave a job can be gut-wrenching. But so can waking up one day and feeling like you’ve stagnated, or you’re stuck. 

And you realize you’ve been that way for years. Or you’ve wasted a good portion of your life.

While they do call it “work” for a reason, there’s no reason you shouldn’t feel good about what you do. 

If you’re retired, you can still make up for lost time in this area. Volunteering is nearly guaranteed to give you a sense of reward and passion. 

And it’s a guaranteed health enhancer to give back in ways that feel rewarding.

Even if the actual work itself is sweaty, tiring or busy. 

I don’t know if walking, bathing or cleaning up after shelter dogs is anyone’s idea of glamorous.

But when I retire, you can bet I’ll carry over my passion for what I’m doing now and direct that energy towards helping a few animals who could use a break.

That’s all the reward I need. 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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Mike - November 29, 2021
I worked as a “product designer / engineer” for a large copier company for over 25 years. It was a great job…..when I started. During the last 10 years the job became more stressful and I didn’t look forward to Monday morning. My plan was to work until age 62 and retire. I could see the signs coming and over the next year or so I was just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Then one morning, December 4 th I think, The phone rang. It was my boss asking me to meet him in one of the conference rooms. I knew what he wanted so I logged off the computer before going to meet him.

So at age 58 I “got retired” along with 201 of my co-workers. Merry Christmas!
I was told I could clean out my desk the following day with the supervision of my boss. In the meantime I was told to go to building 200 to receive counselling and information on what help the company would give in looking for another job.
I actually felt pretty good once the initial shock passed. I asked the counselor “why are there so many boxes of Kleenex here?” She replied “most people aren’t taking this as well as you are”. It was at that moment that I realized a great weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Like the way you felt after you finished your last exam before summer break.
I went to see my doctor 2 weeks later and my blood pressure went down 10 points!
Fortunately we had after tax savings to tide us over until I could draw on my retirement at 59-1/2.

Linda - November 29, 2021

Hi Jeff, thanks for your thoughts. I have gone though all the above sometimes very hard ones sometimes the opposite and they have always been building blocks.

Health have been the most difficult . I am a searcher and there is very good reasons for that.

I am always looking for healthy alternatives the most resent was balder control and you came up with the solution with Ucontrol. It was most embarrassing thing I have had to go through not being able to leave the house without knowing where the next bathroom was or if I was going to make it there and most often then not I didn’t. Ucontrol has been a blessing. I can honestly say I have it under control.

Before that was energy when I found 4patriots greens, not just for me but for my whole family. You have no idea what this drink has done for my family. I could go on and write a book about which I did called “Always A Betterway” There is always a better way to your health, it is in your hands, I don’t have to say much more then that as you get my meaning.

to your health Always a Better Way Linda

Patrick McAvennie - November 29, 2021

I , along with my wife have had 16 long term special needs boys and men live with us over the past 17 years, we currently have two individuals living with us one for 16 years and the other who happens to be quadriplegic and non verbal has been with us for almost 12 years, its pretty much 24/7 we have had a one week break in the past 12 years, tough work but i use my 21 years of HM RN service to get me through and my wife her extraordinary education in this field, we of course have trying times none more so than the 18 months the guys day programs closed because of Covid, its pretty much volunteering to be the best for those that need us, my wife is absolutely amazing i underwent a Quadruple open heart by pass surgery in April and if not for her our guys and I would have been in lots of trouble, look no further than this lady for a role model she also works 40 hours a week in a group home, never a poor me or i cant go on comment just up and at em,

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