Sweaty Blanket?

Saunas are becoming more and more popular. And rightfully so. When you look at the research, you can see all the good heat does for your body. (Look up "heat shock proteins" if you're interested.)

But living in Florida I've always thought… sauna? I don't need a stinking sauna! It's June. I'll just step outside. 

To me, summertime and saunas mix together like oil and gasoline. So I've always paid them little to no mind.

Until… I found this.

Using a sauna during the summer will actually cool you down. It seems completely backwards, but it's true. What happens is this… 

The sauna puts your body under what's called "heat stress." This stress creates a few reactions in the body. The reactions basically "up" your body's threshold for heat. 

Most folks think… on a hot day… when they leave the sauna they're just going to get baked again once they get outdoors. 

But guess what actually happens? That hot summer heat doesn't feel so bad. It actually feels nice. Because your body has adjusted to a higher temperature. So all that heat stress from the sauna produces several positive results, this just being one. You might even end up feeling cooler, in addition to being less stressed.


Saunas are also great for your skin. Because when you're hot… blood rushes to your skin to cool off. And when it does, it brings nutrients and all the other essentials your skin needs to look great. Multiple studies have shown that saunas can even slow down aging skin processes.

So visiting the sauna may seem like a fancy thing to do. Or, during the summer, it may not even make sense to do. Until now.

The sauna may be your new favorite way to "beat the heat" or prepare for your next summer trip. So you're relaxed and ready to have fun.

And the great thing about technology… Now you can have that sauna experience at home. (No more expensive gym membership needed.) Some companies sell tents or blankets that can deliver the benefits of a sauna… and you never have to leave the couch.
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