The healthiest tailgate meal

It won’t be long before it’s football season again. And with stadiums opening up and the crowds coming back, it will be an entirely different atmosphere. 

And I can’t wait. I love sports, I love the togetherness, and I especially love tailgating.

Now most tailgates are a competition to see who can trot out the unhealthiest spread. 

But the first time I ever ate buffalo was in an NFL parking lot. The jokesters I went with thought it would be fun, since we were playing the Bills.

And I was honestly blown away.

I expected it to taste a little gamey. Or weird. But it was the richest, most delicious cut of meat. 

And I found out later, it’s way leaner than typical beef, and chock full of nutrients.

Like essential amino acids, a better Omega-3 to Omega-6 ratio than cattle, and energizing B vitamins.

Plus, it’s much more likely to be grass-fed than beef. Because the vast majority of bison cattle live almost a wild life, in their natural habitat.

In fact, today’s bison are practically indistinguishable from those Native Americans relied on for centuries. You can’t say that about today’s cows.

Bison are also a good source of selenium, zinc, and iron. For a healthy immune system and lower overall inflammation.

And in a 3.5-ounce portion, you’re looking at about 140 calories, vs. 200 for beef.

Buffalo meat is just as versatile as beef, and I’ve enjoyed it many ways over the years since that first “Buffalo Bills Burger.”

In stew. As a steak. Or even for breakfast, with a few eggs. Talk about a protein-rich way to start the day.

If I do that, I sometimes forget to eat lunch.

Just be careful when you’re cooking bison. Because it’s so lean, it cooks quickly. If you’re not careful, it can get tough.

But it works terrific in a slow cooker, and it’s a perfect substitute for beef in almost any recipe.

Just don’t cook it over “medium” unless you like your food the consistency of shoe leather.

Let me know if you “shuffle off to Buffalo.” I could use some new recipes!

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