‘Tis the Season… for sinus issues

If you’re a sinus sufferer, each season brings its own brand of misery.

Springtime blooms. Piles of leaves in fall. And a hot & sticky summer can dry you out and leave your head pounding.

But winter has its own style of nasal nonsense. 

And often we can’t tell if we’re dealing with a winter cold or something quite different going on up our noses. 

Colds often include a sore throat, runny nose, sneezing and a cough. And they tend to run their course in a week to 10 days.

Sinus issues are different. They can persist for weeks, months or more. And they often bring pain – in your face, your teeth, your jaw, or your head. 

But it’s not just temperature changes that can bring on sinus woes.

Cold and damp environments increase the likelihood of mold, both indoors and out. 

If you find yourself looking to escape the cold, roasting chestnuts by the fire, a fireplace can really dry you out, and irritate the linings of your sinuses. 

Plus, more time inside means more exposure to dust and other allergens.

Karen likes to decorate as much as the next festive person. But candles and Christmas trees bring their own irritants too. So pay attention, and see what changes impact your nose, and how you feel. 

Let’s also not forget about stress. 

The start of winter and holidays approaching amp up our feelings of busyness. If you’re running from place to place, hosting parties, or shopping and rushing about, you’re wearing yourself down.

Physically and mentally. And that can make sinus issues worse too.

As you prepare for the winter ahead, you can definitely take extra steps to manage your day-to-day, and keep sinus issues at bay.

Manage the humidity in your home. Groom your pets to reduce dander. Treat any signs of mold as soon as possible.

And clean and dust frequently.

Sinus issues at any time of year can be painful, and frustrating. But winter suffering often means missing out on the joys of the season.

I’d suggest taking steps now, so you don’t miss a thing as we head into December. 

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