Water & Working From Home

I like working in an office. I miss the people, the conversations and the energy.

But there are some benefits of work at home too. And one I’ve really taken advantage of is staying fully hydrated.

When traveling or in an office environment, it’s a bit of a nuisance to get as much water as you need. Much less, trying to make an effort to step up your intake and really boost your health.

I’m always the guy who forgets he has a bottle of water in his carry on. So if you’re behind me in the TSA line at the airport, I apologize.

But now that I’m working from home, I have a glass of cool water by my side all day, and I’m constantly refilling it. When my pitcher is just steps away (and so’s the bathroom) it’s a habit that’s much easier at home.

And the benefits are profound. More energy. Less hunger. Greater flushing of toxins. Even, as some suggest, fewer aches and pains, particularly back pain. 

My allergies feel better. And truth be told, it forces me to get up more, since all that water I’m putting in has to come out eventually. 

This is a good way to keep you from sitting for hours on end.

If you want a simple rule of thumb to see how much you should aim for, do this: divide your body weight in pounds in half, and aim for that many ounces a day. So for me, that’s 175/2, or 87.5 oz. 

That translates into almost 11 8-oz glasses a day. Far more than others recommend, but it’s a worthwhile goal to shoot for.

If you feel like water is boring, or you start to get sick of it, you can freshen it up, without adding significant calories or anything artificial. 

Add a slice of cucumber, a lemon wedge, or a few berries. Certainly cheaper than those fancy bubbly waters, and no bloating from the carbonation.

Keep in mind, there are other ways to get hydrated that go beyond water. Soups and broths are mostly water. And a bowl of oatmeal is equivalent to about a cup of water, because it absorbs the liquid it’s prepared with and delivers it to you… with a chew. 

Once it gets hotter, you can even bring back memories of childhood with your own frozen popsicles. Blend up some water-filled fruits like watermelon or strawberries, and freeze. 

Delicious, hydrating and may have you remembering your days on the playground. 

However you do it, the benefits of upping your water intake are profound. We’re mostly made of water, after all. 

So think of each glass as a way to build your body back, and replenish whatever the day takes out of you.

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Kathleen Abbott - April 29, 2021

I get my water from my own well. I don’t need to clean it.

ed stephens - April 29, 2021

says nothing about filter replacement

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