Why you can’t go & what to do

Not long ago, the calendar read “2/22/22.” And a toilet paper company marked the occasion with a special float down the Hudson River…

Of a “poo” emoji.

Though we don’t really know the origin of “#2” being associated with poo, we have grown to understand the importance of #2 in our day-to-day lives.

And while constipation may not be the #1 problem that bothers Americans, it’s likely in the top 5.

For it can lead to abdominal pain, fatigue, bloating and all kinds of stress.

As common as it is, constipation is often misunderstood, overlooked or (ahem) poo-poo’d by doctors as being no big deal.

But when it comes to quality of life, making sure you go regularly is vitally important. So, let’s get to the root of it, and figure out how to fix it, if you’re unable to go as often as you’d like.

First, let’s recognize the problem. If you’re straining, or producing hard lumps, or you feel like you’re not able to finish the job, you’re experiencing forms of constipation. 

And if you’re not going every day, or going days without going… again, we should address this, before it gets worse.

There are plenty of causes of constipation, from the basic to the more complex. Decreased activity, not drinking enough water, electrolyte imbalances and even some medications are often culprits. 

Notice I didn’t say “fiber.” Fiber is a bit of a double-edged sword when it comes to frequent BMs. Because for some, increasing fiber can actually make the problem worse. 

So, what can you do? 

One natural remedy is prunes. Now, most point to them as a source of fiber when explaining why they work. And while they do contain dietary fiber, they also contain a sugar alcohol called sorbitol, which draws water into the bowel to get things moving again.

In fact, prunes were shown in a study to be more effective than psyllium (think Metamucil) for the treatment of constipation.

Another is to use a probiotic. Probiotics help balance the inner workings of your digestive system. But use caution here. 

Not all probiotics are the same. Strains of these beneficial bacteria are different, and they don’t all work in our bodies interchangeably.

In fact, only one has been shown in 6 separate clinical studies to gently unclog your colon, soften hard stools and get your digestion back on track in as little as a week.

And that is a strain called BB536. It’s why I chose BB536 for Patriot Ultra-Biotics

For BB536 also decreases what’s known as your bowel’s “transit time.” In other words, it makes things travel faster from the time you eat until the time you take a seat. 

Not urgently. Naturally. 

Which is what you want when it comes to #2. 

So when it comes to a plan to address constipation issues, you should plan on increasing your water intake, getting regular exercise, eating a variety of plant-based foods (like leafy greens), and even keeping a “log” (pardon the pun) to understand what foods get you off track. 

If you do find you need additional help, reach for prunes, or a probiotic that’s proven to work, in the way you want it to.

Because while each of our bodies is different, there are some constants that can work for nearly anyone. 

Even though we don’t like talking about it, much less watch a “deuce” float down the Hudson, this natural function is directly connected to how we feel each day.

And I want you feeling like you’re #1.

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