Your Spring tornado checklist

When it comes to weather emergencies, you pick your poison depending on where you live. 

For me in Florida, it’s hurricanes I have to deal with. 

I’m not too concerned about wildfires, earthquakes, snowstorms or icy roads.

But because things have been regularly getting hairy for my colleagues in Nashville, I’ve started paying attention to tornadoes more and more. 

The risk for me is pretty low. For them, and if you’re in “tornado alley” yourself, it’s something you need to be ready for. 

So if you haven’t prepared an emergency checklist, no matter where you live, it’s time you did.

Because most of these things apply to almost any emergency situation, even if you’re “not in Kansas anymore”…

Let’s get started:

  1. Food and water

Like I said, some of these recommendations apply even if a tornado will never touch your town. You should have at least a 72-hour supply of food on hand for all family members, and drinking water (either reserves or a filter) to keep you hydrated for that long or longer.

A tornado may blow through in just minutes. But it’s the aftermath we’re looking to prepare for here.

2. A first aid kit

Your home needs this, and you should have a second in your car or go-bag too. Bandages, medication, ointments, wraps for sprains are a must. And consider things like tweezers, a thermometer and reusable ice packs too.

3. Spare clothing and bedding

This really applies to a tornado shelter, but it can be important for a go-bag as well. Even if it’s a change of shirt or socks and a blanket or two. Believe me, you’d rather have it and not need it than the other way around. 

4. Documents, ID and cash

It’s always best to have a backup document cache, with photocopies of your important information. In a tornado situation, this might even include a copy of the deed to your house. Because if a tornado blows it down, you’re going to need one, unfortunately. 

5. Cell phone, and backup power

You probably don’t need to be reminded to have your phone on hand. Most of us have them attached at the hip anyway. But backup power for your phone is a must have, especially in an emergency. Because if you run out of juice, your phone is pretty useless. 

Look, hopefully this prep work will never be needed. Your life will be safely boring for ever and ever. 

Chances are though, no matter where you live, an emergency situation will crop up.

And it only becomes a crisis if you fail to prepare. 

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