4 Fit Tips For Any Age

Yesterday I mentioned that if you’re having trouble getting going when it comes to exercise, maybe it’s time to think about it a little different. 

Make it fun. Be creative. Do things you like to do and do them more often.

Too many people view “exercise” as a boring slog on a treadmill. But work variety into your routine, and do things you actually enjoy, and before you know it… you’re feeling more fit. 

I have a few more tips for you today along the same line. And the more of these you work into your life, the easier – and more rewarding – you’ll find exercising to be.

  1.   Find a way to slip exercise into your day

No matter what you choose to do, you’re more apt to do it if you find it convenient. For me, that means exercising in the morning, before other things can crowd this time out of my life. 

But it can also mean combining your “exercise” with things you already do. Like taking the dog for a longer walk. Or doing a little dance as you fold laundry or put away the dishes. 

If you don’t have 30 minutes in one stretch to spend working out, pick a few intervals throughout the day. You’d be surprised how many sit ups or pushups you can do during commercial breaks as you watch TV!

  1.   Make it a group effort

I tend to be a solo exerciser because I like to use that time for thinking. But for a lot of folks, having an exercise “buddy” is just the push they need to stay on track. 

Set an appointment to take a morning walk with a friend or neighbor. If someone is counting on you to show up, you’re less likely to skip it. (And your walking pal is probably thinking the same thing.)

  1.   Keep track of how you’re doing

You may not be a planner, so mapping out a path for exercise each week may sound awful. So, I’m not going to tell you to do that. 

But what I would suggest is keeping track on a calendar or just a note on your phone of the times when you do exercise. Believe me, when you look back on a week and see that you’ve done better than the week before, it fuels a little competitive spark.

Which could be just what you need to get up and go the next day!

  1.   Use the tools available for energy and stamina 

I’ve spent a fair amount of time around athletes over the years – not “weekend warriors,” but real professionals. And let me tell you, they’ll try almost anything to support prolonged energy, stamina and performance. 

But you don’t have to be a pro to take advantage of what’s available to give yourself a little edge. Not to shave hundredths of a second off your run, but to make sure you run at all. 

That can be as simple as a cup of coffee. Caffeine is a natural energy spark, and it might be all you need to get you moving, before your own energy reserves kick in from the movement itself. 

As I’ve mentioned before, I tend to use ActivOX Daily as my own pre-workout. I’ve found as I’ve gotten older, the push of nitric oxide that it produces is just what I need, especially during weight work or time on a bike. 

It’s designed to support your heart and circulation, and further oxygenate your hard-working muscles. It works, and I notice a difference if I forget to use it. 

Now look, I get it. If exercising was easy for everyone, or came naturally, you might not be reading this. But if you try to make it fun, work out with a pal, keep track of your progress (and celebrate your wins), you can create a great habit.

One you might miss when you skip a day.

No… really!

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