4 tips for an after-50 slimdown

We’re well into January now and many “resolutions” have turned to memories.

But if you’re still looking to drop a few pounds, it doesn’t matter when you start. Now’s as good a time as any.

Still, easier said than done, right? 

Like many of my readers, I’m over 50. And as much as I know about the importance of maintaining a healthy weight, a few years ago, I found myself stepping on the scale and wondering “What the heck happened?”

It was time to recommit. And since then, I’ve dropped 30 pounds and kept them off for years. 

So I’d like to share a few quick tips that worked for me, and might be the nudge you need to start your weight loss journey too.

  1.     Forget “dieting.” The moment you announce (even if it’s only to yourself) that you’re “on a diet,” your mindset shifts to deprivation. All the things you “can’t” have. Forget all that. What we’re after is a lifestyle shift. A gradual change in how you approach food, not a way to keep you from the things you love. It’s about choices. And playing the long game. 
  2.   Focus on “adding” not “taking away.” We all know that getting more fruits and vegetables in your diet is key. Not just to lose weight, but to support your health for the long haul. So stop thinking about what you’re giving up, and start committing to getting another serving of veggies into each meal. Soon enough, you’ll naturally begin to crave these things more. And guess what – you’ll actually be able to eat MORE in the end. 
  3.   The perfect “add” is protein. This is especially true at breakfast. Our American diet often focuses on simple carbs at breakfast (think muffins, bagels, cereal) instead of filling protein that really does your body good. When you add protein, you not only support muscle growth, you stay full longer. Choosing eggs over a donut can be just as satisfying, but will keep your blood sugar steady and keep you full until lunch. A protein-rich smoothie for breakfast is my go-to most days (and you can try my favorite for FREE right now).  
  4.   Drink more water. This is the easiest “diet” tip of all. Fill up a large cup or bottle of clean, filtered water and keep it with you at all times. Half the time you think you’re “hungry,” you’re just thirsty. And a tall glass of water before a meal has been proven to keep you from overeating, aids digestion, and can keep you regular too. 

These are not world-beating tips. But getting a handle on your weight doesn’t mean beating the world either. 

It’s about simple, consistent steps toward the life (and body) you want. 

No matter what your age. 

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