As COVID-19 Infections Rise, Face mask Mandates Decline

The number of new coronavirus cases is rising in more than one-half of the states. Including Michigan where new cases have jumped from a daily average of just over 1,000 to well over 7,000.

This increase is attributed to several factors. Including virus variants making strides. In fact, the UK variant is now the dominant coronavirus strain in America.

Another factor is pandemic fatigue. Some people are getting tired of being careful.

Health organizations say wearing facemasks helps limit the spread. Anything blocking airborne droplets from traveling from an infected person to a healthy person would logically help.

Yet 12 states have dropped their facemask mandates this year. Nearly another dozen never had facemask mandates.

In a moment I’m going to give you a current state-by-state look at these mandates. Then I’m going to provide you with a chance to voice your opinion on this subject.

No One-Size-Fits-All Mask Regulations

There are very few U.S. federal mandates for face mask wearing during this pandemic. Everyone is required to wear a face covering while using public transportation. And while inside public transportation hubs.

In addition, face masks are required for people when inside federal buildings and on all federal lands. Other than that, it is up to state governments to determine when and wear face masks are required.

Even in states with mandates, the details can differ significantly. Some require face coverings every time someone leaves their home. Others allow for exceptions based on social distancing protocols.

In a number of states where there is no state mandate, individual cities and counties may impose mask mandates. In no state are children under the age of 2 required to wear a mask, per the CDC.  

State-by-State Requirements

Here’s a state-by-state look at facemask mandates, as of this writing. Mandates set to expire soon may be extended.

Alabama – No statewide order.

Alaska – No statewide order.

Arizona – No statewide order.

Arkansas – No statewide order.

California – Residents have been required to wear masks since June in “most settings outside the home.”

Colorado – Residents are required to wear masks until May 3, but rules are eased in areas with low virus rates.

Connecticut – Residents have been required to mask up for the past year.

Delaware – Residents have been required to wear masks since December.

District of Columbia – Residents have been required to wear masks since July.

Florida – No statewide order.

Georgia – No statewide order.

Hawaii – Residents are required to wear masks while inside businesses.

Idaho – No statewide order.

Illinois – Residents are required to wear masks in public.

Indiana – No statewide order.

Iowa – No statewide order.

Kansas – No statewide order.

Kentucky – Residents are required to wear masks through at least April 30.

Louisiana – Residents are required to wear masks through at least April 28.

Maine – Residents have been required to wear a mask since May 2020.

Maryland – Residents have been required to wear a mask for the past year.

Massachusetts – Residents have been required to wear a mask for nearly a year.

Michigan – Residents have been required to wear a mask since October.

Minnesota – Residents have been required to wear a mask since July.

Mississippi – No statewide order.

Missouri – No statewide order.

Montana – No statewide order.

Nebraska – No statewide order.

Nevada – Residents have been required to wear a mask since June.

New Hampshire – Residents have been required to wear masks since November.

New Jersey – Residents have been required to wear a mask since July.

New Mexico – Residents have been required to wear a mask since May 2020.

New York – Residents have been required to wear a mask for the past year.

North Carolina – Residents are required to wear masks through at least April 30.

North Dakota – No statewide order.

Ohio – Residents have been required to wear a mask since July.

Oklahoma – No statewide order.

Oregon – Residents have been required to wear a mask since July.

Pennsylvania – Residents have been required to wear a mask since July.

Rhode Island – Residents have been required to wear a mask for the past year.

South Carolina – No statewide order.

South Dakota – No statewide order.

Tennessee – No statewide order.

Texas – No statewide order.

Utah – No statewide order. Their mandate ended April 10.

Vermont – Residents have been required to wear a mask since August.

Virginia – Residents have been required to wear a mask for the past year.

Washington – Residents have been required to wear a mask since June.

West Virginia – Residents have been required to wear a mask since July.

Wisconsin – No statewide order.

Wyoming – No statewide order.

What Do You Think?

As promised, here’s a chance for you to chime in.

Do you believe there should be a federal mandate requiring everyone to wear face masks in public?

Or do you believe this type of mandate should be left up to individual states?

Or do you believe there should be no face mask mandates anywhere in the U.S.?

I realize this subject can be controversial. It lends itself to strong opinions. But let’s be civil with our comments and respectful of others’ opinions. Hope to hear from you about this.

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I say no mask mandates. For I think that there is a hidden agenda of big government and power. I will defend the Constitution of the United States of America. Our founding fathers believed in little federal government. And to have the states and the people in that state decide on what they should do. The people of the United States are the bosses not those that are elected. They are to serve us and be our voices not be persuade by big corporate companies or their interests. Our freedoms are slowly being taken away. Wake up America, repent and turn back to the God of this land Jesus Christ.

Doris - May 2, 2021

As a 74 year old grandmother and retired RN raising 4 grandsons, I have mixed feelings on this subject. True, the masks do not keep the virus itself out, but it does stop the droplets from being sprayed everywhere when a person coughs or sneezes. Those droplets can go well past the 6 foot social distancing. That in itself does help since a person may be asymptomatic at the beginning of this illness. I also think about all those people who are on meds that weaken the immune system, so I wear a mask. I do it to protect others. Our governor dropped the mask mandate in our state because he said he knew our citizens were wise enough to decide for themselves. Our children were sent back to school but had to wear a mask all day except for recess and lunch. My 10 year old broke out in a rash around his mouth so we took him out of school and he is homeschooling along with his 16 year old brother. I do not know if that rule is still in effect. They are both doing better than they were in school. I know everyone has their own feelings about this vaccine, but I think it is wise to take it if you are 50 or older. Vaccines are mandated to go to school or college and this is another controversial subject. Personally, I feel that they do a lot of good and stop a lot of deadly and/or very bad diseases. I would rather take the vaccine than suffer with the disease. Even with the flu vaccine you will not get nearly as sick if you had the vaccine. I know this was lengthy, but I wanted to give the reasons as to why I made these decisions. Take care out there and May God bless everyone. Thank you 4 Patriots for all the good things you are offering everyone. Everything I have purchased has been outstanding! You are a blessing!

Donal M Campbell - April 29, 2021

There are """NO""" scientific studies showing face masks protect anyoned from transmission of ""ANY VIRUS any time anywhere. I am for ""NO"" face masks period. This also applies to ""SOCIAL DISTANCING""

Diane - April 29, 2021

First off let me say God Bless America and all the true Americans that were and still are willing to fight for God, freedom, and America. God bless and protect you all. Yes I agree China should pay for starting this pandemic which I feel was started on purpose to take over America and our freedom. I wear a mask not only to protect myself but others as well. We need to work together as a family of true Americans. I want America back and in the hands of true Americans that care for the people and what our country stands for, FREEDOM, LOVE, PEACE, AND HELPFULNESS. We have let our government take over control of our Constitution and our freedom that now we suffer with a pandemic that is killing the older generation that fought to keep our country free and stop people like the Chinese from spreading a disease to kill so many innocent people including their own people just to gain power and now our so called president is helping China to take over America. I pray more people will wear their masks when outside. We need to stop spreading this till it is gotten under control. I spoke my thoughts and hope more true Americans will help keep America free of all disease from other countries and take back our government and give it back to the real Americans that deserve to be called Americans and not these so called americans that don’t deserve to be in AMERICA. GOD BLESS THE USA.

RogerAdams - April 29, 2021

I think we should all be wearing mssk and doing whatever we can to stop spread of this virus. I will bd weari g a mask until virus is glne. Retired nurse.

DARREL MESTETH - April 28, 2021

Im of the opinion that facemasks are far more unhealthy for you than this so-called uncurable entity.
Anything less than a sterile medical mask is of no use except to make you feel safe and protected.
These persons who created this ( uncurable ) entity and gave it a scary name, and an even scarier narrative would have the so gullible people waiting in line to be told what they should do next.
The history of de-population has been planned for several decades, the many reports of vaccines being the CURE for every conceivable disease has culminated in a push to get EVERONE innoculated.
First with the deadly flu virus(nomasks), the bird flu(no masks), the swine flu(no masks), then SARS1,
Then the ultimate killer CORONAVIRUS19 the uncurable killer virus can be killed by worthless beautifully made cloth masks.
Keeping the FEAR instilled in the ohso gullible people makes one stop and think, is FEAR the real killer or this product from a bat.
One has to believe that this is one smart bat dropping for it to self mutate into a far deadlier version than what is presently (ravageing) the world.
Is one mask going to be sufficent to stop the new varient as its called, or are the people of the world have to wear military grade gas masks on a daily basis.
Ask yourself uf you happen to be one of the lucky 500million allowed to live you are going to be required to have a mask surgically implanted on your face, or will you be free to choose.
The old iconic image of “DEATH”
has been replaced with “Spikey Orb” wearing a hoodie.

Barbara - April 28, 2021

to the person who reads and approves these posts: I will understand totally if you decide that the link I provided to the discussion among 5 medical professionals is too inflammatory for current posting. This country is far too much like a truck (or 50) of powder kegs right now. If you would like to just delete the link and post only my ‘vote’ on masks that is OK with me. Thank you for this opportunity and I am quite happy to have discovered it.

Barbara - April 28, 2021

Every individual has the right to choose what to allow in his/her body. And, every individual has the right to have full access to all the information necessary for making that choice. Thank goodness there are still American citizens who have the courage of their knowledge, wisdom and convictions. Here is a link to 5 medical professionals who share their educated and experientially informed wisdom.
[dear Patriot Health Alliance: I do not know how to make this a hyperlink – can you please do that?]

Carolyn - April 28, 2021

Masks should be individual choice. There’s no evidence that supports wearing a mask prevents the spread of COVID. I’ve lost several friends to COVID but that stoll doesn’t change their way I feel. The whole pandemic has been blown way out of proportion.

Pat - April 27, 2021

I can’t afford to lose anyone else to covid. My job does not allow me to work from home. I have as much delivered to my home as possible, food, medicine, vitamins, etc. If we wear masks we decrease our chances of getting Covid or giving it to others. I am against mandatory vaccination. If by wearing a mask, social distancing, and staying inside I avoid getting Covid or passing it to others I am willing to do so.

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