Do it yourself health?

“Open up and say ‘Ahhh.’”

We’ve all heard it. And we’ve all done it.

But picture this. The tongue depressor you’re using, you’re holding it yourself. 

And the doctor looking down your throat… is in another city.

That’s the promise of one of the latest health gadgets I’ve run across. And not only can a video doc look down your throat from an office that’s miles away, they can peek in your ears and eyes too.

I’m not sure how I feel about this. But the truth is, the wave of technology that’s already available and coming soon is going to change the face of medicine. 

For me, I’m mostly old school. There are a few basic tools I keep on hand, for quick monitoring. 

Like a decent thermometer. During the last year, when knowing your temperature was more important than ever, I realized my thermometer was DOA.

And I had a devil of a time finding a new one. But now I have a great digital one that works perfectly, and even connects to an app on my phone. As long as I have batteries on hand, I can get a quick checkup, pronto.

The same’s true with the “pulse-ox” meter I keep on my desk. Now, I don’t have any oxygen issues or concerns with my heart. But I do like data. So, for a few bucks, a 2-second checkup is seconds away. 

It’s interesting to see your pulse rate vary, depending on what’s happening in your day. When my baseball team is losing, you can see it in my heart rate!

A BP monitor is also a low intensity, battery operated tool that’s especially important if you have concerns about staying in the healthy range. There’s a ton of options, but you typically don’t need a lot of bells and whistles here. 

The product development folks and I are constantly looking at gadgets, and testing new things. You may very well see some interesting new items in the near future, actually. 

Because truthfully, you have more power to monitor and impact your health on your own than ever before. And ultimately, that’s a good thing. 

And if your next doctor’s appointment is by video, you have only yourself to blame if you don’t like the magazines available in the waiting room.

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