Sunday Thoughts (Happy Father’s Day)

It’s Father’s Day. So to all the fathers out there, I hope you have a day planned that’s all about you.

Whether that’s a round of golf, a relaxing time with a fishing rod in your hand…

Or just manning the grill, cooking up some nice steaks. 

Whatever you want dads, this is your day.

But speaking as a dad, I find I’ve already been given everything I’ve ever wanted.

Because becoming a father was the best gift of all.

I’ll never forget the moment we took our oldest home from the hospital. I looked at Karen, she looked back. And we didn’t have to speak. 

We were sharing the same thought: “We are going home with another human being. And he’s completely dependent on US.” 

It’s staggering to think about. I am reliving those butterflies in my stomach just typing this.

So yes, I was terrified. But I do recall another moment too. 

The first day we brought my son home, we had set him down in his crib and he started to fuss. 

And before I even thought about it, my instincts kicked in. I found myself walking around in circles, rocking him, talking to him, singing a little tune (likely off-key, but I don’t remember it that way). 

He calmed down, and fell asleep in my arms. And in that moment, I remember thinking, “Ok. We’ve got this.”

Being a parent isn’t easy. There’s no playbook. You sometimes make things up as you go along. 

But there’s nothing more gratifying than seeing another person – one you created! – living a life that you’re proud of. Knowing you had a little something to do with that. 

It’s the greatest gift of all.

So I don’t need any Father’s Day gifts. I’ve already received more than I could ever describe.

(But a phone call would be nice.)

Have a happy Father’s Day.

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Mike Flanagan - June 21, 2021

I couldn’t agree with you more Jeff. Having my son is far and away the greatest gift I have ever received.

James Hall - June 21, 2021

Fathers Day was great this year. Spent time with one of my daughters, grandkids and great grandkids and had a great cookout! Sun shined and it didn’t Rain! Our grandson left today at 4:00 pm for the US NAVY! Very Proud!

John TYRAN - June 21, 2021

I have used Patriot Power Greens for at least 10 years and every morning I still enjoy the uplift I get.

Paul Gapinski - June 20, 2021

Thanks Jeff for your messages. I enjoy reading each one. You get directly to a point and express it well. Keep them coming.


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