Sunday Thoughts (start your day warm?)

I like to use Sundays to slowly plan the following week.  

The more I think about or visualize the days ahead, the less likely I am to be surprised, and the more prepared I am to tackle the things I have to do…

And make time for the things I want to do.

To make it a little easier on myself each day, and get off on the right foot, I find it's better to start each day with intention.

And it's easier to do that if you establish a little routine. 

Here's what works for me. If you get something out of it, maybe next week won't be quite so hectic. (No matter what life throws at you.)

First, as I'm getting ready for bed, I like to lay out my clothes for the following day. 

I don't know why doing this the night before seems much easier than in the haze of the morning but eliminating the choice and sticking with what I've put on my dresser means not having to think. I just do my workout, hop out of the shower and get ready. 

Admittedly, this never was a huge time suck before. But once I got Karen in the same routine, it did speed up our mornings, especially when we've got to get somewhere.

Now, I said I like to wake with intention. And here's what that means. 

Once the alarm goes off, I try to enjoy a moment of reflection. Gratitude. And stretch this out for a few minutes.

I like to take stock and be grateful for the gifts in my life. It takes only seconds, but we all have something to be happy about, no matter what your life looks like that day. Savor the good.

Once I'm back from my morning dog walk, or once I'm done with my workout. I hop into my SaunaWrap and turn the heat up. I love how warm it gets. And how it helps my body relax. It's a great way to get ready for the day ahead. It puts me, and my body, in a good mood. 

Plus, after my workout, it helps my muscles to recover so I can tackle the day.

After that, I enjoy my coffee and slowly absorb the day's news. Only then, do I pick up my phone and check email, or messages, or whatever other distractions are there. 

If you give yourself a chance to think, to set the tone for the day ahead, you're less likely to let whatever annoyances that are bound to creep in do it for you.

If you're feeling good, and ready to be productive, things like traffic, bad weather or spilling your coffee can be laughed off easily. Rather than having them set you off. 

Everyone else will get a piece of your attention in time. But making room to attend to yourself will make your dealings with the outside world more pleasant. 

For them, and for you.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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