Water is all the same, right? Wrong.

These days you can get your water bottled, filtered, or even straight from the tap. The convenience is nice, but the stuff in your water is not. Well, that depends on what kind of water you drink.

So, is one option better than the other? Yup. Let me walk you through them all. Then you can be the judge.

First up, what does "filtered water" even mean?

Usually this means that your water has been filtered using a physical barrier, biological process, or chemical process that removes its impurities. They all work. But the most popular is known as activated carbon filtering, which involves pushing water through a physical & chemical carbon filter which acts like a magnet trapping impurities into the carbon. You see this a lot in the filter pitchers.

So why does this matter?

Well, filtered water comes with a whole slew of health benefits. Many filters remove or reduce health contaminants that can be found in tap water. Things like lead, copper, mercury and more. (Yuck, so tap is not a good choice.) 

Plus, filtered water tastes better because the filter also removes impurities such as chlorine and zinc. Which can make water bitter and unpleasant to drink. Filters, on the other hand, can make your water taste great.

There's also the sustainability issue. Did you know that folks in the U.S. use 2,000 disposable water bottles every second. Wow. That's a ton of trash. Using a pitcher with a filter helps cut way down on that number.

Not to mention, but bottled water is way overpriced. I've always thought it was a scam to be honest. You'll see huge savings when you ditch bottled water for filtered.

So what do you think? Tap vs filtered water vs bottled water…

Look, I think tap water is out. And to be fair, filtered water and bottled water can provide healthier, better-tasting water. But a filter is way more cost-effective and easier on the landfills. Plus, when you filter your own water you know exactly where it came from.

Well, bottoms up. And here's to filtered water.

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