Take a Breath

How many times a day do you brush your teeth? Hopefully it’s at least once, but most people do it twice. At most, maybe 3.

Or eat? With meals, snacks and a little nibble here and there, you’re likely at 5 or more.

But you’re doing something on average 20,000 times a day, and you rarely even think about it. If everything’s working like it should, it happens automatically, unconsciously, even when you’re sleeping.

I’m talking about taking a breath and filling your lungs. And this background rhythm of our lives impacts all parts of your body. 

Your cells need oxygen. And you expel waste in the form of carbon dioxide. 

And your lungs show up for work without fail, to bring in the oxygen, empty the trash, and keep your body energized, often without complaint. 

But how often do you think about keeping your lungs healthy? They do so much and ask for so little… isn’t it time you gave something back? 

In this case, anything you do to support your lungs will be paid back many times over, in overall better health. 

The better news is, most of the lung-friendly habits I’d suggest are great for your entire body too. Total win-win! 

Do I have to tell you that smoking is bad for your lungs? No? Good.

Keeping active helps build lung capacity, improves circulation and helps lungs function better. When your lungs are stronger, they bring in more oxygen. And increased circulation shuttles this life force throughout your body. 

As a diver, I’ve learned how water can be the mortal enemy of your lungs. But drinking more water plays a key role in helping thin the mucus in your body, secretions that naturally build in your lungs each day. Thinner mucus = easier breathing. 

Another easy tip to protect your health, and your lungs, is to wash your hands. This will keep germs and bacteria at bay, and out of your respiratory system. (And if you’re a frequent cell phone user, it makes sense to sanitize it regularly too, if you’re putting it up to your face and mouth.)

Speaking of your mouth, what you put IN it can impact your lungs in a great way too. Foods rich in vitamins A & C, or minerals like zinc, potassium, selenium or magnesium are terrific support for healthy lungs. And these days, it’s smart to consider a comprehensive supplement designed to support lung and immune function. 

Finally, adding plants to your home isn’t just a great way to bring a touch of nature and spruce up your décor. Adding plants will increase oxygen and air quality, and plants even have natural abilities to remove certain toxins too, before you might breathe them in.

When it comes to healthy living, your first thoughts may be of heart health, or keeping your weight in check. But don’t forget to show some love to your lungs.

They’ve given you about 30 cleansing breaths in the time it took to read this!

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