Veterans Adventure Group Takes on Mt. Rainier in Challenging Conditions

4Patriots and the Patriot Health Alliance have made past product donations to Veterans Adventure Group. We were honored to be able to contribute more products and funding for their recent Mt. Rainier climb. 

Veterans Adventure Group helps vets manage their civilian lives. The focus is on organized groups of teams engaging in adventure therapy. Through these experiences, the veterans develop networks and levels of accountability.

There are many and varied activities in which veterans can participate under the Veterans Adventure Group umbrella.

For the more active and physically able vets, they include extreme events such as mountain climbing, skydiving, rock climbing and kite surfing. For others, there is scuba diving, skiing, caving, hiking, adaptive sports, and nature excursions. 

The nonprofit organization is open to all veterans regardless of their diagnosis. Missions are selected based on activities that push participants past their perceived limits toward challenges requiring a team-oriented mindset. 

All donations to Veterans Adventure Group are used to purchase that gear and mission-essential services, including transportation and permits when applicable.    

Appreciation for Patriot Health Alliance products 

In the past, 4Patriots and PHA made donations to VAG in the form of an air purifier, survival food and Sun Kettles. As well as Solar Sentry Lights, BugOUT Lanterns, garden supplies, and health supplements. 

For the 2022 Mt. Rainier climb, Patriot Health donated Rapid Fire Massage GunsPatriot Gold, Massage Peanuts and — once again — Patriot Power Greens. 

Anthony Leon Guerrero was one of the veteran participants. "The care package was awesome!" he said. "I loved it and will definitely put some of it to use.

"Thank you so much!" Justin said. "Seriously, everything you've done for us has been amazing and very much appreciated. I know all the participants took their gift bags and seemed really excited to have received them.

Soaking up knowledge

Even though the team was forced to turn back due to an avalanche risk…  one of the climbers, Justin, said their time summiting Mt. Rainier was not wasted.

"We made a strong emphasis on the mountain school and completed some very in-depth and advanced training we don't always have the time to provide to all of the participants," Justin said.

"I felt like the participants all left feeling like they had still found much of what they desired from the experience. 

"For me, it's seeing those who really rise to the occasion and soak up the knowledge we have up there. There was a participant that had no experience with ropes, climbing, etc.

"By the end of the trip, this participant was able to fully construct a 3-to-1 recovery system and pull an "injured" climber up over a cliff edge. This is not an easy system, even for those familiar with ropes. Seeing someone rise to that level is so inspiring and gratifying."

Serving the climbing team

Joseph Yankton was one of the veterans participating in the climb. Here's what he said about it.

"I had a blast being able to serve on the support team this year. I honestly don't know what's more fulfilling – being able to climb with you all last year or serving the teams this year. 

"I was able to harass enough of my Facebook friends and family to donate $2,500 to support a first-time participant, a rental car and our airfare for the May 15th Mt. Hood Summit, and my round-trip airfare plus rental car for this nine-day VAG Mt. Rainier Expedition 22.

"I want to thank Gear2Go for the streamline quartermaster support. The efficiency was superb. I want to thank 4Patriots for the meal support and great gadget bags. Huge thanks to WayPointVeterans for the caravan assistance to and from the airport and Paradise.

A salute to service

"Last but not least, Susan and Mike (Desens)'s family and wonderful home. How extraordinary and rare it is to find a warm and welcoming family for absolute strangers. I'm humbled and grateful for their service and sacrifice. 

"To our Team Leaders and those of you who stepped up to make the trek possible in impossible weather, to those of you who lightened the load by cracking a good joke, to those who just listened and didn't say very much, I salute you.

"You are all the kind of people I want to spend my time with. Your energy and drive to go up a mountain gives me great hope. 

"So to conclude, it was an honor to serve you all. Thanks for a great nine days and because there is no goodbye in the Sioux language, I'll always part with, 'Until our paths meet again, be strong.'"

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